Found some photos of his mother

Her son wrote on his blog that when his mother wanted to divorce his father he didn’t accepted it very well, only later when his mother told him his father had a male lover for about 3 years he realiz

Life after her mother found out

She wrote on her blog that she had a very good life when she was living with her mother but one day she started to go to bed with her step-father and her mother found out. She send daughter and husban

They didn't know they were

Their parents, when they were teenagers had an affair, the girl mother got pregnant but never told it to the boy’s father. The father left town and came 10 years later to live there with his family. T

Living with my brother and his girlfriend

When my brother and his girlfriend invited me to live with them no one of us expected things to turn this way. We got involved in a threesome, his girlfriend didn’t mind to share my brother regarding

Latin mother and her son

Her 31 yo son said it all started after his mother got divorced from her second husband. She went to live with her son temporarily and after a dinner at home where they both got drunk, he told his mot

Step-Dad's naughty nurse

It all started when her mother’s second marriage started to have problems, the guy started to hit on his step-daughter who, by principle never says no to a guy she likes. The problem was they both lik

Middle-age family swingers

A complete different meaning for a family reunion. Only one generation of brothers, sisters and cousins are invited. No fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles or any older members. It all started on a birthd

Trying to make her step-father crazy

This Brazilian girl had an affair with her mother’s husband that it didn’t took too long for her to discover. The mother got really mad and send the guy away but her daughter is still in contact with

Two sisters and her two brothers

When their brothers found out his sisters and her husbands liked to swing they liked the idea and asked if they could join with their wives. This photos are from their second swing party and they all

My sister came for a visit

My sister dances in a traditional dance group, she’s always travelling and for a week the group stayed in the town were is the university where I study. It’s been more than a year I didn’t see my sist

Mom has a new boyfriend

Since my mother got divorced from my father and got a new boyfriend she doesn’t stop to surprise me. The guy moved in to my mother’s house and they seem just like a couple of teenagers but with money.

Niece keeps family tradition

The guy wrote in a forum that in his family women has kids early. It all started with his grand-mother at 16, then his mother at 18 and now his niece with 19. The difference here is that no one in the

Living at her Dad's home (3/3)

She says she never thought about feeling this way. She got really surprised months later after they started, when she noticed she was getting jealous of her father when he started to flirt with their

Living at her Dad's home (2/3)

She says it all started because of a boyfriend she had when she moved in to her father’s. Her Dad not only caught them several times having sex around the house as he was constantly seeing her naked.

Living at her Dad's home (1/3)

A collection of more 700 photos found on a Flickr account from a Spanish divorced father and his daughter. For some reason not explained, his daughter went to live with him and since then their relati

She wants her step-father

It took several months, she wrote, but she got what she wanted. She said her mother took her two boyfriends and she wanted to make her feel the same. She knew her marriage was not going very well but

Aunt Jenny's photos

Another happy nephew found some private photos of his aunt. It seems he found the photos in a memory card that his uncle gave him when he bought a new photo camera. The photos might have two or three

A nice brother and sister couple

The girl wrote on her blog that in several occasions many people who met her and her brother together for the first time, always had the first impression they were boyfriend-girlfriend. On the street

Photos for Dad

This set of photos was found on a private cloud host, but we guess she uploaded it to the wrong place, it was on her public folder. The name on the zip file called our attention “Fotos_para_el_Papa.zi

His sister after her wedding

A few months after his sister got married, she and her husband went on vacations and left their house keys with her parents so they could open the door when their new furniture got delivered. The sche