Archive: 2013/4

She wants her step-father

It took several months, she wrote, but she got what she wanted. She said her mother took her two boyfriends and she wanted to make her feel the same. She knew her marriage was not going very well but

Aunt Jenny's photos

Another happy nephew found some private photos of his aunt. It seems he found the photos in a memory card that his uncle gave him when he bought a new photo camera. The photos might have two or three

A nice brother and sister couple

The girl wrote on her blog that in several occasions many people who met her and her brother together for the first time, always had the first impression they were boyfriend-girlfriend. On the street

Photos for Dad

This set of photos was found on a private cloud host, but we guess she uploaded it to the wrong place, it was on her public folder. The name on the zip file called our attention “Fotos_para_el_Papa.zi