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His sister after her wedding

A few months after his sister got married, she and her husband went on vacations and left their house keys with her parents so they could open the door when their new furniture got delivered. The sche

Pretty sister

The guy wrote that only his sister gave him some support after he got divorced from his wife. She started call him every day, hanging out at his place during weekends and at first he thought it was on

Aunt Lisa´s not-so-secret life

A guy, early 20s posted on his blog how he found out about his aunt Lisa’s secret life. It seems that when his mother lost her job his aunt (his mother’s sister) suggested her to do the same she does.

Looking for her Daddy

Her mother’s family never wanted to tell her who her father was. Only when she was 34 her grand-mother told her the story. Her mother had an affair with her 16 yo cousin when she was 22 yo, she got p

Mother in private

Another teenager boy that found his mother’s photos on the internet. The photos seem to be dated from 2008. As any normal guy, he likes to spend some free time watching porn on the web and he found on

Back with Mom

The guy posted this on the web, he said that after his parents got divorced he had a relation with his mother for a couple of months, then she got a boyfriend and it stopped. One year later his mother