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Big sister is in control

The guy said that after his older sister got separated from her boyfriend she came knocking at his door and asked him to let her stay at his place, She now owns the place, he says. She always had cont

Watching his pregnant mother

After the divorce of his parents he stayed with his mother and her new husband. Last year when he was going to college his mother told him she was pregnant. A few moths later when he returned home for

Big sister exposed

The younger brother wrote that a year ago his sister (9 years older) had a a big fight with their parents because they didn’t accept her new boyfriend, they said he was a real scam bag and he was only

Younger sister that is a turn on

It seems their father got them a job for the Summer. They worked at a big hotel and lived in a small flat. The girl said in her blog her brother was really naughty with his camera, he was always tryin