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A big and wild family

This Russian family likes to get together several times a year and after they post some of the photos on a online photo sharing website. The couple Yuri and Ivana likes to have their family around and

His aunt from 20 years ago until now

A guy wrote on his blog that since he was a kid and his aunt bacame his babysitter he started to fantasize about her. It was more than 20 years ago, she was 19 and he was always looking for a way to s

Meeting his Brazilian half-sister (2)

The guy continues saying, it was the best two weeks of his life. She’s crazy for sex and loves her job and he says he was very lucky because every time she did it with him it was for free. He’s now ob

Meeting his Brazilian half-sister (1)

A guy wrote in his blog that he only knew he had a half-ssiter when he was 25. His father told him she was Brazilian like her mother, an affair he had 20 years ago. Since that time he wanted to meet h

Grandma's secret life

This woman’s grand-daughter had a big surprised when she found this photos of her granny on a amateurs website. She says she was raised by her and since she left for college her grandma lives alone an

His aunt Jenny

The guy told on a forum how he got this photos of his aunt Jenny. As a punishment for having bad grades his parents sent him to his grand-parents house for the Summer, to work at his grand-father’s st