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End of course vacations with mother

The guy has 24 yo and finished his art course so his 45 yo mother decided to offer him a graduation present. They didn’t see each other since he was 20, he told on his blog he missed the time they had

Uncle needs a hand massage

The girl wrote on her blog that because she owed money to a lot of people in the town were she lived she agreed to move to her uncle’s one-room flat in another town 400 Km away. Her 45 yo uncle always

Got pregnant from her step-father

Her mother got married 9 years ago for the third time and her husband went to live with her and her 21 yo unemployed daughter. He says he started having sex with her daughter 4 years after he got marr

A son's big deception

When I was a teenager my parents got divorced but neither of them explained me the true reason for the divorce. They simply told me they didn’t love each other anymore but they didn’t talk to each oth