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The aunt that wanted more

A 33 yo aunt takes her 21 yo nephew on a Summer vacations. She said she was broken-hearten due to a long term relation that ended badly and her nephew told her he would make her forget. And he did but

Ukrainian Family

When a widow father marries with his daughter’s best friend and starts to hang out with her friends this might easily append. If you add to it that they come from a large nudist family that is used to

Knowing my half-sister

Knowing at 35 yo that I had a 20 yo half-sister on a different continent was really a surprise. My father worked for 15 years for a British oil company in Brazil and only now I found out he spread his

Behind my daughter's angelic face

Very often I let my daughter and her boyfriend go to our country house during the Summer they stay there alone for almost a full month. Last Summer after they’ve been there I when there also to clean

Brother's proposal

Since she lost her job she went to live with her brother that proposed to her to live with him as a couple. She felt the idea was absurd, he was her brother. She left and end up having bad experiences